Sunday, June 24, 2007


I was on the sidewalks of New York Friday. Well, after a long bus ride with a piece of artwork resting against my knees. I guess I could back it up and say I was anticipating and worrying about being on the sidewalks of New York for days. So much so that I think my body told me too much stress is really not a good idea and shut down with flu symptoms today. The trip was not bad, and as always, stepping out of the Port Authority station right into Times Square never fails to be incredibly exciting. It is, after New York City! I just wish I could anticipate these things with open arms and that my excitement would be of the positive sort. It was to a degree and I suppose my nerves were normal.

So I was very glad to have my long-legged 16-year-old daughter with me to cart my portfolio the necessary 28 blocks from famous 42nd Street to 47 5th Avenue to the Salmagundi Club. We fought the crowds in midtown Manhattan on 7th Avenue to pretty much clear streets with outdoor cafes of every nationality and the sound of every language passing us by. It was great to be in the old brownstone again after an 8-year absence. Even better to be showing a piece that I feel defines my developed colored pencil style. The piece I entered all those years ago was beautiful, but was more a student exercise. It gave me such confidence to be accepted.

The day was a quick one. It took my daughter and I all the time we had before leaving on our 2 o'clock bus to get to deliver the art, walk all those blocks back, find the diner my daughter spied on the way in to eat-we didn't-get lost in the bus station and locate our gate. We were able to grab pizza and coffee before sitting the 3 1/2 hours it took to get home again. I mused as we road along-I have artwork in one of the most famous cities in the world. That is wonderful. What has been better is that I'm sitting here with my daughter planning HER first art show.

This morning as I was taking my morning walk I was thinking about my mother. I so wish she could have been here to share this joy with me, the success of my work, my daughter's similar ambitions, the graduation that just happened. I thought to myself, am I like her at all and would she be proud of me? Somehow the Spirit whispered to me, you have all the heart and talent she did, and she's very proud. You carry her life with you. That was the best part of the whole trip.


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